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* Franchise agreement drafting & check

Pep Legal provides legal support to franchisors and franchisees with entering into the franchise agreement. Franchisors and franchisees frequently hire Pep Legal to legally check existing franchise agreements in relation to their business plans and business interests.

* Franchiseorganization set up & structuring

We provide legal support for franchisors in setting up and structuring the franchise formula. This is in the interest of the continuity and further development of the franchise formula.

* Reorganization & modification of franchise model

A reorganization in the franchisemodel, or a modification of the franchise agreement, can be drastic. Pep Legal advises and represents franchisors and franchisees.

* Support for individuals & collectives

Pep Legal offers legal support to franchisors, individual franchisees and franchisee-collectives to solve and prevent conflicts. If necessary, Pep Legal conducts summary proceedings, legal standard proceedings or another type of lawsuit.

* Franchise council and franchisee association

Pep Legal provides support to consultative bodies within a franchise context. Both on the part of the franchise and on the part of the franchisees. This includes franchise councils and franchisee associations.

* End franchise agreements (termination)

Pep Legal supports franchisors and franchisees in ending (terminating) franchise agreements. As with cancellation and dissolution of the franchise agreement; and contract termination by mutual consent of franchisor and franchisee.

* Franchise Company purchase, sale & goodwill

Business purchase and business sale have specific points of attention, where it concerns franchise. Pep Legal provides legal support in the purchase and sale of the franchise business and with arrangements regarding goodwill and business transfers.

* Non-compete clauses in the franchise agreement

A non-compete clause can have far-reaching consequences for the freedom, autonomy and flexibility of a franchisee. And at the same time a non-compete clause can be deemed desirable by the franchisor. Pep Legal advises and litigates for franchisors and franchisees on the applicability and conflicts of non-compete clauses.

* Franchise location, investment & tenancy law-matters

Various business contracts come into play at a franchise location. Pep Legal provides legal support with renting the franchise premises and the agreements about investments with regard to the business location.

* Franchise brand & intellectual property rights

A franchise brand is essential for the franchiseorganization. Pep Legal provides legal support for the brand registration and the (licensing) agreements regarding brand use.

* Masterfranchise & international franchise

Masterfranchise of expansion of the franchise formula to The Netherlands.
Pep Legal provides legal support to companies that have already established themselves with a franchise brand in The Netherlands or want to become active in The Netherlands.


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