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As a franchisor you have developed a franchise formula. You give your franchisees the right to use the developed business concept. This is for the operation of franchise companies.

As a franchisor, you can have a variety of legal questions. Such as about the continuity of the franchise formula. About complying with industry-specific regulations. As well as about the relationship with your franchisees.

Our franchise lawyer is happy to offer you proactive legal support and clear advice. Your company, your interests and your plans come first.

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Your interests as a franchiseorganization

Our franchise specialist will be happy to talk to you about your company and interests. Based on what you tell us, we map out your interests and your legal position. We do this by applying our specialist knowledge of Dutch franchise and contract law, our inventiveness and specific experience with franchise issues to your situation.

Franchise questions and answers

Our franchise lawyer will provide you with insight into your legal questions as a franchisor. In the legal franchise advice, our lawyer will discuss with you if and how we can – if requested by you – solve your legal questions and take advantage of opportunities. Based on your answers to our questions, we adapt our services to your specific situation.

What our franchisor lawyer helps you with

Our franchise lawyer frequently assists franchisors with legal advice and legal support with:

  • expanding through franchise in the Netherlands
  • drafting and improving the franchise agreement and check the franchise manual
  • drafting the related contracts, the franchise preliminary agreement and the franchise consultation structure
  • implementing developments and adjustments within the franchise formula
  • the operation of the franchise non-compete
  • consultation via the franchise council and via the franchisee association
  • terminationg franchise agreements
  • international aspects of franchising in The Netherlands
  • franchise contract management
  • preventing conflicts and representing clients in legal proceedings

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3 featured projects for franchisors:

Franchise question

The owner of a Dutch franchise formula in business services requested Pep Legal for advice on a franchise law question. After completing that assignment, he requested Pep Legal to draft a specific franchise pre-contract and to legally check the franchise manual, so that he can make responsible agreements with his franchisees.

Structural support & contract management

An international food chain had Pep Legal adjust the franchise agreements with the Dutch franchisees. Now Pep Legal also provides structural legal support and contract management for this food chain. In this way Pep Legal provides more structure and a better guarantee for continuity and returns.

Clear agreement

A healthcare franchisor wanted to put down important agreements about franchise cooperation with another healthcare entrepreneur. Pep Legal offered help by setting the agreements in such a way that this provided a good basis for the returns for the franchisor as well as growth for the franchisee.


Franchisor lawyer: trust relationship

We are happy to invest in a relationship of trust with you as a franchisor. This way you know that your legal questions will be dealt with adequately at any time.

Legal support for franchisors

Franchisors who are legally assisted by Pep Legal in drafting the franchise agreement and legal advice on franchise matters in the Netherlands, regularly consult Pep Legal about new developments and new questions.

clear advice

proactive legal support

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Jorg van de Peppel – Dutch Franchise Lawyer

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What can we do for you?

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