Why famous franchise brands and new franchise formulas consult this small-scale specialized law firm.

Law firm Pep Legal franchise lawyer has the ambition to help you time and time again with clear and proactive legal support.

With the mission: To clarify your legal position and legal questions. To think along with you about legally responsible solutions and opportunities for your franchise issues. Where possible and requested, to solve your legal problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Pep Legal invests in a relationship of trust with loyal clients.

Why this mission? Pep Legal is driven to serve/contribute to the franchise world.

Companies in a franchiseconstruction face a variety of strategic issues. Such as consultation in the franchise council, business growth, franchise cooperation, business continuity, competitive activities, strategic autonomy, further development of the formula and changes within the organizaion. With suchs themes Pep Legal thinks along with franchisors and franchisees for legally responsible solutions.

In this way Pep Legal wants to add value to your company so that you can continue to build on the success of your company through ‘clear proactive legal return’.

Specialist in Dutch franchise law

Experienced in Dutch franchise law

Law firm Pep Legal is highly specialized in Dutch franchise law and contract law. Pep Legal deals with franchise concepts, franchise relationships and other business participations. 

Pep Legal has mastered this specialization by providing legal support to franchisors and franchisees for many years as a law firm. The franchise lawyer has followed additional specialization courses and gives lectures and presentations on franchise law in the Netherlands.

Law firm Pep Legal offers franchise law assistance since march 2018.
Since 2022 the company is established in Leusden, centrally located in the Netherlands. As of 2023 the law firm exists five years.

Workshops and legal lectures

Pep Legal gives presentations, workshops and legal lectures about Dutch franchise law. Among other to relations and to students of the university. 

Legal support for franchisors and franchisees

Pep Legal franchise lawyer helps franchisors, franchisees, franchise-councils and franchisee-associations.

In particular, Pep Legal helps companies and entrepreneurs working with franchise, dealer, licensing and other forms of cooperation.

The branches of the clients vary: business services, food, retail, product sales, medical services (health care) residential, fashion, travel and leisure.

Clients about Pep Legal

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