Franchise Agreement in the Netherlands

The basis for the agreemeents between the franchisor and the franchisee is the franchise agreement. 

The content of the franchise agreement can significantly determine your success as a franchisor or franchisee. This is because the provisions in the franchise agreement have a direct influence on you autonomy/entrepreneurial freedom, the continuity of your business and the return on your franchise activities.

– As a franchise organization (franchisor) you develop a franchis formula. You give franchisees the right to use the developed business concept.

– As a franchisee, you contract with a franchise organization. This is to get the right to operate a franchise business based on the franchise formula.

Our franchise attorney (lawyer) will gladly offer you clarity and proactive legal support with your questions about the franchise agreement. Your company, your interests and your plans are paramount.

At the bottom of this page you will find the latest articles with practical information and specific experiences about the franchise agreement and related topics.

Your interest in the franchise agreement

Our franchise attorney will meet you and ask you questions about your company and interests. Based on what you tell us, we show you your interests and your legal position. We do this apllying our specialist knowledge of franchise and contract law, our inventiveness and our specific experience with franchise issues to your situation.

Franchise contract questions and solutions

Our specialist will make it clear to you what your legal questions and points of attention are for the franchise agreement to be drawn up or already concluded. In our legal franchise advice we will discuss with you how we can – if desired – solve your legal questions and seize opportunities. Based on your answers to our questions, we adjust our services to your specific situation.

Franchise agreement advice

Pep Legal offers proactive strategic legal franchise support,  focused on short-term and long-term interests for your company.

Legal support on franchise

Our franchise lawyer (attorney) helps franchisors and franchisees with legal advice and guidance with:

  • drafting of the franchise agreement and other specific franchise documents
  • adjusting the franchise agreement, for example due to changed regulations
  • cancellation and termination of the franchise agreement
  • disputes about the franchise agreement
  • franchise contract management
  • preventing and conducting legal proceedings concerning the franchise agreement











Pep Legal helps you with you franchise agreement and documents and if you wish with the legal structure of your organization in the Netherlands.

During the drafting of the franchise agreement and other franchise documents you will have contact with your franchise lawyer.

Law firm Pep Legal also offers long-term proactive strategic legal franchise support through franchise advisory processes.

Pep Legal thinks along with you in areas such as marketing, sales, communication, location choice, recruitment and support of franchisees. 

For specific activities such as a commercial plan, a financial plan, marketing and sales support, recruitment and selection of franchisees, brand name registration, store selection, etc. Pep Legal has the connections to put you in contact with honest professionals. 

Each franchise agreement can contain different topics. The following topics are almost always reflected in the franchise agreement:

  • franchise contracting parties 
  • franchise formula, the franchise right and intellectual property
  • territory of the franchisee
  • fee structure
  • duration of the franchise agreement
  • termination of the franchise agreement
  • franchise obligations franchisor
  • franchise obligations franchisee
  • developing and adjusting the franchise formula by the franchisor 
  • non-competition clause
  • confidentiality clause
  • franchiseprivacy
  • link with the franchise manual
  • if applicable link with the commercial propery rental
  • dispute regulation

However, a professional franchise contract contains more topics and provisions. This is to make agreements on various important topics. Such as topics that have a direct influence on the coninuity of the business and the return on franchise activities.

    Success stories

    “Based on my interest in new methods of doing business (franchising), I started looking for the right advice to shape this process. I found the right advice at Jorg of law firm Pep Legal. The connection that I found was in the knowledge that was offered to me and which was given shape in a correct franchise agreement and the ‘aftercare’ that was offered.”


    – Heleen, Franchisor in The Hague, The Netherlands –

    Success stories

    “Jorg has guided me very well towards a farewell from my franchise agreement. Clear, practical and accessible. Despite the many opposites, we were able to complete a great deal. The expertise of Jorg van de Peppel of law firm Pep Legal was indispensable in this.”


    – M., Franchisee in Leidschendam, The Netherlands –

    Success stories

    “Our company has had a very pleasant experience with law firm Pep Legal. Lawyer Jorg van de Peppel is clear, sharp, but also honest and realistic about the situation. The communications was very good and Jorg is committed and involved. To illustrate, we were in regular contact during the weekend, even on New Year’s Eve, to bring our lawsuit to a successful conclusion. And we succeeded, tribute!”


    – Entrepreneur in a partnership in Rotterdam, The Netherlands –

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    Experience with franchise agreements in the Netherlands and abroad

    Our specialized franchise lawyer has assisted many (hundreds of) franchisors and franchisees with questions about drafting, adjusting and terminating franchise agreements.

    Because of that extensive experience you know that our specialist can apply his knowledge in your situation to your specific question about the franchise agreement. Our franchise specialist also knows the importance and the possible consequences that the content of the franchise agreement can have for the companies that conclude the contract whit each other.


    The legal partner at the franchise agremeent in the Netherlands

    Franchisors who are helped by us when drafting the franchise agreement and with franchise advice when starting a franchise, regularly consult us about new franchise developments and legal questions.

    The same applies for franchisees: we often help franchisees to terminate the franchise agreement and to sell the franchise business, and later to help entrepreneurs if the want to build a franchise organization and become a franchisor.

    For both franchisors and franchisees, law firm Pep Legal is the franchise law firm and the legal partner for questions about their franchise agreement.

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