Why famous franchise brands and new franchise formulas consult this small-scale specialized law firm.

‘Clear proactive legal return’

Law firm Pep Legal franchise lawyer has the ambition to help you time and time again with clear and proactive legal support.

With our mission: To give you a professional legal franchise base for your business plans and executions. To clarify your legal position and legal questions. To proactively think along with you about legally responsible solutions and opportunities. Where possible and requested, to solve your legal problems and take advantage of opportunities. And to invest in a relationship of trust with loyal clients.

Why this mission? We are driven to serve the franchise world, by doing our part. Pep Legal franchise lawyer takes into account your wishes regarding the autonomy with which you want to do business and your wishes regarding your business continuity, development and business returns. In this way Pep Legal wants to add value to your company so that you can continue to build on the success of your company through ‘clear proactive legal return‘. 

Specialist in Dutch franchise law

Experienced in Dutch franchise law

Law firm Pep Legal franchise lawyer is highly specialized in Dutch franchise law and contract law.

Pep Legal franchise lawyer has mastered this specialization by providing legal support to franchisors and franchisees for many years as a law firm. Our lawyer has followed additional specialization courses and gives lectures and presentations on franchise law in the Netherlands

Pep Legal franchise lawyer deals with franchise concepts, franchise relationships and other business participations. Due to the focus on franchise, we are aware of the latest developments in this area.


Workshops and legal lectures

We give presentations, workshops and legal lectures about Dutch franchise law. Among other tot relations and to students of the university. 

Legal support for franchisors and franchisees

Pep Legal franchise lawyer helps franchisors, franchisees, franchise-councils and franchisee-associations.

The branches of our clients vary: business services, food, retail, product sales, medical services (health care) residential, fashion, travel and leisure.

Clients about us

Curious what clients say about Pep Legal franchise lawyer?

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  Client review  9.5/10



Contribute to positive energy

What does Pep Legal franchise lawyer pay extra attention to?

Through sponsorship Pep Legal franchise lawyer supports motivated and inspired people who organize or undertake specail (sports) activities full of energy. In this way we make an extra contribution to positive energy.

Pep Legal franchise lawyer is sponsor of Erasmus Extreme Sports Association (‘Erasmus Extreme‘).
Discover more in this article about this sponsorship of Erasmus Extreme.

Pep Legal franchise lawyer, solid base for doing business

As a dynamic entrepreneur you want to build your business, full of energy.

To successfully carry out your plans Pep Legal franchise lawyer helps you to build a legally responsible base. Our franchise lawyer gives you clear advice and – if desired – proactive support. Focused on more business returns.

In short, a solid legal base for doing franchise-business in the Netherlands. Experience it yourself. 

The Pep Legal-logo stands for inspiration, energy and action of dynamic entrepreneurs and businesses.

specialist in Dutch franchise law

clear advice

proactive legal support

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Jorg van de Peppel – Dutch Franchise Lawyer

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What can we do for you?

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